10 special songs 2018

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

I would like to share my first music post with you. Ten truly amazing songs that deserves special attention.

1. Sam Smith - Pray

I start with a singer who became my absolutely favourite in 2018. His voice and lyrics touched my soul like nobody else in a today's music industry. His "Pray", "HIM" and "Midnight train" songs made me cry when I first listened to it. I love version of "Pray" with Sam singing it alone, but this official video with ft. Logic is good too. :) Let's start!

2. Jorja Smith - Teenage Fantasy

Next British singer - Jorja Smith. Her voice is a pure gold. I discovered her recently and fell in love with several of her songs. This song is my favourite and I also love the official video which has the vibe of old french movies. This is ART for me friends !

3. Benjamin Clementine - London

Atmosphere of video + lyrics. Benjamin Clementine - Bravo!

4. Harry Styles - Two ghosts

Me without Harry Styles in this list wouldn't be me. It's already a classics in my playlist. If you only know Harry Styles from the music of One Direction then listen to his solo music now, you will be surprised. Starting from his famous "Sign of the Times" to the whole new album. This guy makes really good music.

5. Sia - Snowman

I guess everybody knows Sia. Have you listened to her Christmas Album she released in 2017? This is my favourite song from it!

6. Birdy - Silhouette

Birdy Birdy Birdy.. I wish she would make more music and tour more often! There is no official video for this song, but it's such a beautiful one, needs your particular attention.

7. Oscar and the wolf - Joaquim

Oh I love Oscar and the wolf Soooo much. Once I accidentally went to their concert and there are no words to describe how good it was. They are from another planet. My favourite song is "Prince", but i also want to share ‘Joaqium’ as not many people have heard about it.

8. Lana del Rey - Religion

Lana doesn't need any introductions. Everyone knows her. I never get bored of her song "Religion".

9. Sam Smith - HIM

I already mentioned this song. It is about same gender love and religion which never came easily together. It deservedly became the main song for LGBT community across the world. If you missed the song somehow, listen to it now. I love it so much.

10. Billie Eilish, Khalid - lovely

I finish the list with the very beautiful song by Billie Eilish -lovely. This song was released last year at the ‘13 Reasons Why TV Show. My advice: you should just listen to it in headphones, alone, at night! A special atmosphere is guaranteed


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